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If I'm so smart how come I can't lose weight

Are you frustrated, cynical, resentful and just plain fed-up!

You have tried to lose weight SO many times and, yeah, you might be successful at first but nothing lasts, nothing is permanent.  

I feel your pain! I was there too. It wasn’t until I finally connected the dots that everything changed. And it wasn't hard, really!

I was SO tired of trying every diet that came along, doing everything right and ultimately gaining all the weight back, and sometimes even more. Sound familiar?

I was feeling hopeless, frustrated and alone, I had to find the REAL reason for all this madness. I had to find out why I knew HOW to lose weight, but WHY I couldn’t do it, or sustain it.

I did and that’s what my daily mediations are going to teach you.

Three mornings a week (M, W, F) I will email you an inspiring and thought-provoking message to keep you focused on your weight loss goals. They take only a minute to read and in no time you’ll be losing weight naturally, your emotions will be in check, and you’ll have the knowledge to stay on track no matter what life throws at you.

Imagine the new you! Confident in your success and FINALLY putting an end to the frustrations of the past.

Sign up today. It’s free. 

See you on the inside!

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Jane Powell - Founder of Meditations for Weight Loss Hi I’m Jane Powell founder of Meditations. I have been coaching women for over a decade. My meditations and have helped thousands of women make permanent changes in their lives. They have been featured on the Hallmark Channel, radio shows, Shine from Yahoo, sermons and newsletters. I am a published author and speaker.


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